Item of the Day: HFS Collective Resist Belt Bag

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HFS Collective Resist Pocket Bum Bag in Upcycled Vintage Denim

The Resist bag from HFS Collective packs multiple punches: It’s nailing the denim and fanny pack trends (touché for calling it a belt bag instead, so we can feel less nerdy), plus it’s on board with the environmental movement and vintage phenomenon. Not to mention, it’s just plain cool.

Lettering is hand-applied with non-toxic paint.

Perfect for fall, this hand-cut bag fits just like a good pair of jeans. The style is crafted from vintage denim (cleaned, of course), cut individually from remnants and painted with water-soluble, non-toxic acrylic paint. No two bags are exactly alike.

HFS Collective innovates with the most premium, sustainable materials. Every piece is crafted from earth- and animal-friendly elements made in a small, family-run factory in California. The brand is introducing a Pineapple Leather Collection (you heard it, leather made from Pineapples) early next month.

The Resist bag retails for $145 on