Item of the Day: Helmer

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HelmerOnce everyone seemed to have one..then they, along with white socks and sandals, padded shoulders and Farrah Fawcett-esque hair, sunk into fashion faux pas—anathemas to the well-dressed fashionistas and eventually even Middle America.

But everything returns and fanny packs (aka belt bags, chaos pouch, hip pack, hip sack even phany pack) are on the rise again. They may be back but they are in a whole new realm, classier, more expensive, a hands-free look for an ever of hands-on mobile devices. Several designers even have featured them on the Spring runways, a move that garnered them much attention.

At Helmer, the elegant waist bag has returned “with the simple design and beautiful python skin it can be worn for any occasion. You will be able to dance all night long hands free or travel the world with your passport and wallet safe and sound.”

hipsterThe Helmer bags are all handmade from natural python skin with a special the batik lining. The belt is detachable so the bag could be used clutch-style, too.

A new generation can exploit the look…let’s just hope the Millennials never rediscover Farrah…

Retail: $388.84

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