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GoldhennJewelry maker Meaghan Hennelly has a profound perspective on accessories. For her, life should be about celebrating the “luxury of imperfection,” which is what she wants to convey through her jewelry brand, Goldhenn (pronounced like the word “golden”).

“Much like a gemstone’s journey to the surface of the earth–mined, honed, faceted and polished–we (humans), too, are perfected over time,” she says. “My work is a vessel of self-development, not only for myself, but also for those who wear Goldhenn. I hope they (jewelry) inspire you to embrace your unique beauty.”

Meaghan Hennelly, Golhenn

Meaghan Hennelly, Goldhenn

This is pretty much evident in her work ethic. “I handpick each component designing around the materials and stones, as opposed to cutting them to fit into an existing model,” she says. “This not only enhances the character of the materials, it also echoes the philosophy behind Goldhenn. When you wear a piece of Goldhenn you will know it is as unique as you are. We are all perfectly imperfect.”

Philosophical musings aside, Hennelly likes to produce both fine and fashion jewelry, translating into a business model that has a wide market range (starting at $50 and ranging up to $6,500).

One of Goldhenn’s latest collections is Geo, a line of geometric jewelry made with materials like 18K gold (yellow, rose, white), sterling silver and diamonds. The shapes of a pentagon and a diamond are predominant here, as Hennelly is inspired by flying kites and arrows.

Hennelly couldn’t help but wax poetic about Geo. “An arrow must be pulled back and aimed before being launched forward and as for a kite, it is something that takes flight, soars and keeps our sights high,” she says. “Each piece from Geo represents a journey and they are manifestations of my personal dreams, too.”

Retail: $750 to $2,400 (Geo collection)

–Eugene Y. Santos


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