Item of the Day: GateKeeper

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gkimageLet’s face it: of all the accessories a key fob is well…just a bit mundane. Sure it holds valuable keys, most crucial to our lives but there’s little more than that. (Unless of course you were one of the lucky ones to snag a Fendi Karlito).

We found one new key item that’s truly multipurpose, the GK or GateKeeper, which taps into Android and iOS Bluetooth Smart proximity tag that’s universally useful. Among the many wonderful attributes of emerging tech product: you’ll never lose your keys or leave your mobile phone behind, keeping track of valuables, and remotely auto locking your computer.

The GateKeeper is a Bluetooth 4.0 powered key fob that automatically logs you off of your Mac or PC when taken out of proximity. It also is a proximity tracker that prevents item loss, locates items, and auto locks your computer: instead of typing in your password every time, the GK-Chain unlocks your computer when you approach, and locks it when you leave.

Or, if you want additional security, you can set the GK-Chain to actually require a key and password.

Indeed, one of the hottest accessories categories will be wearable tech like GK.

Retail: $49.99

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