Item of the Day: Garden of Silver

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Tiny Golden Sunshine Necklace_Garden of SilverWhen designer Eileen Baumeister McIntyre needs some inspiration for her handmade garden-inspired jewelry, she only has to step out her back door. For McIntyre, in addition to being an artist, is also a gardener.

“I have an extensive organic garden that is both serene and stimulating. I find it peaceful to work in the garden and can be found outside among the flowers, vegetables, herbs and weeds with my sketchbook throughout the growing season. My drawings and paintings have always had a botanical theme which has evolved into the Garden of Silver jewelry line. Many of the pieces are created by delicately hand carving into wax then cast into sterling silver. I add texture and relief to the silver through hand etching and embossing in addition to traditional metalworking techniques.”

While the designs are often very recognizable flowers, they aren’t literally either but reflect the authentic shapes and textures from petals, seeds, vines etc.

Her sunflower collection—which could do Van Gogh proud—is a prime example. Her Tiny Sunflower pendant in sterling silver has 24K gold plating on the petals and chocolate diamonds in the center which represent the sunflower seeds.

Now that’s one garden we wouldn’t mind working in even in the worst heat and humidity…

Retail: $500


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