Item of the Day: Fancy Fedora

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker

fancy fedora

Festival Season is here, and on Day One, you have two jobs: look awesome in a hip hat and keep that hot sun off your face. Day Two? Repeat.

But what if you don’t want to wear the same hat each day? To the rescue is Fancy Fedora, which sells hats with interchangeable colorful bands, all sold separately. The bands are sewn in a special way that does not utilize elastic or Velcro, making them a unique item.

There are a lot of fashion personalities at these festivals, and maybe you’re feeling tribal one day and feminine the next. Now you don’t have to choose. Because when you think about it, no one is traveling to Coachella with a handmaiden carrying their hat boxes! At least we’re not!

Hats retail for $85 to $400; bands are $13 to $20.


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