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DNAMEUsually personalizing some jewelry means putting your initials or monogram on it, a favorite saying or adding some beads that hold some significance.

But one Milan-based company is taking a personalization a step further. To incorporate a truly individual, customize approach that makes each of its bracelet truly distinctive, DName  creates bracelets inspired with your unique genetic code.

DNAME sends a home DNA testing kit that requires you to rub a cotton-tipped swab on the inside of your mouth. Freshly coated in your genetic details, your swab is then sent to a lab to be read—identifying repeated regions of “non-coding DNA” unique to each of us. This code, consisting of pairs of guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T) and cytosine (C)  is engraved onto your band.

As the selected DNA sequence doesn’t relate to your sex, hair color, height or body mass, it won’t allow anyone to unlock your biological secrets should you lose your bangle—and DNAME ensures that they only use labs with worldwide quality control accreditation.

Unlikely other DNA-related product DName says they use very sophisticated technologies to get the sequence of your DNA. The process is expensive, but at the same time is required to give you a unique product.

dname-braceletThe percentage that two unrelated people have the same sequence on the bracelet is about 1 on 575 trillion! There are currently no objects with such a high degree of singularity.

DName hopes to expand distribution following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Retail: about $152

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