Item of the Day: DesignHype

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Item of the Day: DesignHype

Quel dommage! You’re spending your springtime in Paris about to jump on the Métro and you failed to download that app with all the underground routes.

No need to fear if you are smartly wearing Paris Métro Cuff bracelets byDesignHype. Fashioned in stainless steel with black embossing to highlight the Métro stops, the cuff discreetly gives you a route map while looking tres chic on your wrist. No more struggling with a paper map and looking so much the tourist. Stop by the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées too, as long as you’ve got your Métro Cuff you can go anywhere.

Not in Paris? There are similar cuffs depicting mass transit systems in New York, London, Milan, Chicago, Berlin, Washington and San Francisco.

Like many of the metro cuffs by DesignHype, the Paris version is officially licensed by the Métro transportation authority, RATP.

Retail: $37

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