Item of the Day: Compassion Brands

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antibullyItem of the Day: Compassion Brands

In the battle against bullying, there’s a new weapon thanks to Compassion Brands.

A collective of socially conscious executives in fashion design, retail, the arts and philanthropy, Compassion Brands hopes to inspire others by developing and marketing o related fashion brands. Its Fashion 4 Compassion is the non-profit foundation established by Compassion Brands partners with and provides financial assistance to establish and emerging charitable organization to further build awareness, education, reform and counseling programs. (100% of all donations received are donated directly to their partnered charities such as GLSEN and Teen Line.)

The collection will offer Anti Bully bracelet sets including the “One For Me/One For You” friendship bracelets. These bracelet sets will include messages such as, “Nobody Likes a Bully” “Be Yourself, Be Strong, Be Happy” and “Love Hope Peace.” The bracelets come in black, white and pink and several bracelets will come in each set. The collection is designed around an iconic cross out symbol that signifies the goal of putting an end to bullying forever. Teens can wear and share these positive messages with friends and spread the word about Anti-Bully one friend at a time.

Retail: $6 each

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