Item of the Day: Claddah Ogham “Luck” Pendant

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ogham-luck-pendant-585x457“Can we celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before, Friday the 13th is more fitting,” cracks one of those irreverent Somecards that make their way around social media site.

But for those unlucky in love, Friday the 13th before Valentine’s the 14th can raise fears and superstitions.

Except maybe for Jason’s antics on film, we know there’s no scientific reason to be fearful on Friday the 13th. According to silversmith Eileen Moylan of Claddagh Design, 13th got its reputation as long ago as 1700 BC when Babylonians omitted the number 13 from their Code of Hammurabi. Not to mention that at the Last Supper, 13 at the dinner table proved unlucky for Jesus Christ. And in Medieval times it was considered unlucky to travel on Fridays, hence the double jeopardy of Friday the 13th.

Moylan claims not to be bothered by superstitions but she does advise hedging your bets. “A day in which we are all advised to be extra cautious and not push our luck!”

As a precaution, Moylan advises wearing one of her Ogham Torc sterling silver necklaces. The Celts believed it had magical powers and would act as a talisman to protect the wear. “Warriors were known to go in to battle wearing only their torc so hopefully it should keep me safe today,” she adds.

She even engraved one with the Irish word for ‘luck’-’ádh’ in ancient Irish script. Maybe that customer was making sure they had some good luck charms to keep them safe on Friday the 13th.”

With your protection taken care of today, Happy and lucky Valentine’s Day on Saturday.

Retail: $150

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