Item of the Day: Buena Onda

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buena ondaAt a time when mass manufacturing is at a peak, it’s nice to remember the days when products were made by hand.

All the bags from Buena Onda are made by hand, in fact. All Buena Onda products are made by the Wayuu People of Northern Colombia. The Wayuu are known for making Wayuu Mochilas that are made by hand without using a loom. Therefore each mochila is one of a kind and can not be replicated.

No loom is used, meaning that the maker must plan out patterns in advance and rely solely on memory and counting techniques to execute the design. This traditional craft of northern Colombia has been practiced by the local Wayuu community for generations, with weavers handing down knowledge generation to generation. The typical mochila bag takes at least 10 days to make.

Most are very colorful and typify the tribal trend. These mochila pictured here is less flamboyant, but executed with all the handiwork the Wayuus are known for.

You got to hand it Buena Onda when talking about handmade handbags.

Retail: $120

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