Item of the Day: Boot Rescue

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Boot RescueSomething like 50% of the lower 48 are covered in snow today with 2 to 3 feet hitting some cities. We can guarantee with millions will be experiencing carnage of their innocent footwear! That’s the m moment you come indoors only to find that your beloved winter boots have damaging salt stains, dirt and other signs of winter ruin.

To the rescue is a new product out of Canada, which if there ever was a place that knows from winter storms it’s our neighbor up North.

Boot Rescue is a specially formulated all natural wipe designed to instantly remove dirt and damaging salt stains. Easily stored in a handbag or work desk drawer, Boot Rescue works on all fabrics including leather, suede, cotton and modern poly-fiber. It beats back winter ruin allowing boots to last season to season without blemish.

Shoeaholic Tracey Sloga same up with Boot Rescue after growing frustrated by winter weather in Toronto that ruined her own prized footwear. So she threw herself into finding a solution. Within a year she developed, produced and launched Boot Rescue wipes.

Retail: $6.99 for a 15 pack and $7.49 for a box of 10 individual wipes.

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