Item of the Day: Bond & Knight

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bondThey used to say the sun never sets on the British Empire. And that was true until mid-20th century when most of the former British colonies became independent. But the colonial traditions continued with many being adapted to Western use.

That’s the case with this 1940s-inspired design card case from Bond & Knight, a small leathergoods manufacturer in Matlock, England. The firm uses only one single piece of folded English bridal leather without any stitching and no seams, “this combination of design and our uncompromising commitment to quality means our wallets are unique, super soft, ultra-slim, and yet super strong,” the company say

The idea came from vintage origami wallet design. The concept has roots during World War II when traditional manufacturing was redirected for the war efforts. As a result stitching leather goods was not a priority and the means to do so were not available, so some people would make wallets out of folded leather and sell them to allied forces personnel to earn some extra money for their family, Bond & Knight reports.

bond3“We even had a customer tell us how his granddad did exactly this, and how he gave him one as a child, for which is ever remembered. Generally they weren’t the most attractive wallets as they were quite bulky and crudely cut, but that doesn’t matter, they were full of soul and character and seemingly lasted for years upon years.”

Bond & Knight uses other vintage touches such as interiors with the Union Jack, skulls and plaids on many of its styles.

Retail: $75