Item of the Day: Block and Hammer

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Block & HammerFlying is stressful enough but when your flight has landed, you still have to go through the rigmarole on the luggage belt. Could there really be that many black suitcases—that all look alike? (Yes)

That’s why identifying factors—namely accessories can help you out. Block and Hammer, an Atlanta based purveyor of vintage flatware and other metal objects, came up with this luggage tag made with thick 18 gauge brushed copper.

Everyone will be wondering where you are going with these practical tags for your bags. As you can see, there is an opportunity to place five lines of information on this tag, however you don’t have to use all of them. All information is hand stamped with the medium block font seen here.

And if you happen to miss this tag on the conveyor belt (though that seems hard to believe) Block & Hammer can further customize this tag by choosing a design stamp of your choice if you would like to make it a bit more fancy.

Retail: $32.99

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