Item of the Day: Betabrand

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

betabrand_flashback_scarf_003Remember when calling a new product or business as a “flash in the pan” meant that you didn’t have high hopes it would survive in the long run?

You may have to come up with a new analogy should Betabrand’s latest flash-reflecting technology takes hold.  Not only is it cool but expect to see if on the likes of Bruce Jenner, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry or Jennifer Garner, all victims of “stalkerazzi,” photographers who follow them looking to shoot any faux pas or mishaps for gossip sites.

The bright idea for a line of apparel and accessories that flummoxes photographers came from Chris Holmes, a DJ who tours with Paul McCartney. After experiencing pesky photographers first hand, he and his famous friends came up with a fashionable way to “prank fans and frustrate paparazzi.”

“After wearing reflective fabric to several performances, I noticed that photos from the shows always looked odd because the flash that bounced off my clothing would wash out everything else,” Holmes says. “It gave me the epiphany that perhaps I could use this technology for a greater purpose.”

betabrand_flashback_scarf_005Within weeks, the Flashback Collection–hoodie, suit, hat, and scarf–was launched.

Flashback fabric is embedded with microscopic glass bubbles that reflect light. Originally designed for safety products like firemen’s suits, a quirk of camera design makes the fabric perfectly suited for brilliant photos.

“Snap a shot of someone in a Flashback garment and the wearer is rendered anonymous–essentially, a glowing ghost,” Holmes said.

Betabrand, which has pioneered Dress Pant Yoga Pants, Bike-to-workwear, Space Jackets and Gay Jeans, is seeking crowdfunding to expand the Flashback collection.

Sounds like this could be the next big thing that Hollywood popularizes. That is unless you are a Kardashian.

Scarf retail: $78