Item of the Day: Bario Neal

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

Fine_Earring_Ruby_Slice_Stud-6479Looking forward to 2016, one trend that is only slated to get bigger is the trend toward small earring silhouettes, namely studs.
But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, or even–God forbid–missy.

Bario Neal, the fine jeweler based in Philadelphia with 100% ethical sourcing and traceable production, has taken a dramatic step up in its stud selections. Each of the ruby slices used in this pair is uniquely shaped, available in 14K yellow gold with gold posts and nuts. (Small Ruby Slices measure roughly 8 x 6 millimeters).

Bario Neal began in 2007 as a collaboration between then independent designers, Anna Bario and Page Neal. Bario and Neal connected over an interest in the sculptural possibilities of jewelry and its potential for cultural resonance. For them, this intrinsic value was at odds with the negative human and environmental impacts of the metal and gemstone industries, and the inequality of marriage rights.

Bario Neal strives to be stakeholders in progressive sourcing and manufacturing initiatives as well as promoting traceability, transparency and marriage equality.

Retail: $650

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