Aristide's Salvador Dali gloves


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Aristide's Salvador Dali gloves

Aristide’s Salvador Dali gloves

Is there such a thing as statement gloves? If Salvador Dali were alive today, his answer would have been a resounding yes. Metallic mitts with a kiss mark and luscious red nails, in his honor.

And no, we’re not making this up, because they do exist in real life as part of Aristide’s latest autumn/winter collection of quirky gloves.

Made with metallic lambskin, these “Salvador Dali” gloves take some cue from the late creative’s kitschy approach to fashion. After all, apart from being a painter, he also designed statement accessories for the iconic Elsa Schiaparelli, such as a belt with lips for a buckle.

Just like Salvador Dali, Aristide’s design aesthetic also banks on producing fun yet functional accessories. Since its founding in France in 2010, Aristide has aimed to provide its consumers with avant garde gloves that can also protect hands from cold weather—just in time for some holiday shine and sparkle as temperatures start to drop in many places around the world.

Retail: $195 (“Salvador Dali” gloves)

Eugene Y. Santos