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thermaratorTalk about your bleak midwinter. While you’re reading this, in much of the United States, temperatures and wind chills are plummeting to those usually found in the Arctic. Whether you call it a “polar vortex,” the “polar pig” (so named because the system has a pig-like shape on weather maps), or “Siberian Express,” this dangerously “cold whirlpool of dense air will surely break longtime temperature records.

It’s also time to pull out the heavy duty cold weathergoods. Columbia Sportswear, which boasts a successful collection of thermal apparel and accessories, not only keeps the chill off skiers on the slope but pedestrians on the streets, too.

An example is the brand’s Thermarator Neck Gaiter, made from Columbia’s Omni-Heat thermal reflective 100% polyester Thermarator fleece. The Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining traps and retains your body heat with little silver dots that reflect and retain the warmth your body generates.

Besides keeping the wearer dry and comfortable, the Themarator reduces the necessity for piling on bulky layers.

Thereby helping to reduce that abominable snowman syndrome that tends to strike wardrobes on winter’s coldest days.

Retail: $18


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