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t.kahresItem of the Day: t.kahres

The other day in New York’s famed Garment District, sidewalks had become downright dangerous. Melted-snow-turned ice slicks carpeted concrete much to passers-by detriment. The “black ice” caused pedestrians to wobble, veer, flip (yes we saw this happen) and slip much like inebriated ice skaters.

Fortunately, today’s temperature warmed up and those black ice patches are melting. But that doesn’t keep us from thinking about them still…but in a more fashionable way. Brooklyn designer t.kahres actually found a way to take that black ice and turn it into something pretty. For instance, these black enamel over sterling silver stud earrings—with black diamond in the center, pictured here.

Not only would they be a perfect addition to that LBD you’ll be wearing to holiday parties, they are so lovely that even have us forgetting about that blacken bruises, the souvenirs of some icy sidewalk encounters.

Retail: $145

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