Item of the Day: Lily Kamper

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Lily KamperItem of the Day: Lily Kamper

British jewelry designer Lily Kamper may have had a traditional education at the Royal College of Art, but her jewelry designs are far from the norm. She says her inspirations originate from an array of unconventional place: abandoned Miami Motel swimming pools, escalators, palm trees and the vibrant electric green of Kryptonite, the fictional material from the Superman mythos.

To create her designs, Kamper uses a diverse range of materials too, including dip dyed Perspex, Corian, resin and gold-plated brass and silver as well as a smattering of precious stones such as sapphires and garnets.

The Perspex, such as seen in the pendant here, is all dip-dyed by hand and turned by hand on a lathe. She also uses Corian, the kitchen surface material, which she cuts into block and then turns it again on the lathe.

Kamper’s unconventional aesthetic garners her a commission by WGSN to design and make the awards for its 2012 Global Fashion Awards Ceremony.

Retail: about $385