Item of the Day: Nalukai Collection

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Nalukai CollectionItem of the Day: Nalukai Collection

One of the ideas the pilgrims gave thanks for this week several centuries ago was the concept of equality, all men, and women, are created equal.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the message of equality is still alive and well—and dare we say it, supersedes the latest doorbuster special?

Designer Tricia McCarthy created this Equality, or Kaulike in Hawaiian, Tag in sterling silver as part of her Nalukai Collection.

“The inspiration for the Equality Collection stems from close friends, a same sex couple, who recently celebrated their long term love in a beautiful wedding ceremony, following the legalization of same sex marriage in California,” McCarthy says. “To honor my friends–and the rights of equality, love and respect each of us is entitled to, I created this piece as both a mantra and statement.”

While originally created as a special wedding present for her friends—and to celebrate same sexy marriage—the Equality Tag has taken on even more significance. When worn by men, women and teens, it is a statement that every person has equal rights—regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender or simply just who they are.

Equality, now there indeed is something to be thankful for…

Retail: $255