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Projects Watches

“Five Till 10”

Item of the Day: Projects Watches

While yes it’s simple to check your mobile phone for the time, it just isn’t as interesting, or sexy, as checking your wristwatch.

Projects Watches has made it its mission to make telling time on a dial cool again. Projects even collaborates with leading architects, designers and graphic artists (Michael Graves, Richard Meier, Laurinda Speer, Richard Gluckman to name a few) to come up with wristwatches and clocks that give a humorous, ironic even insouciant take on telling time.

One of the latest is this “Till” watch devised by Daniel Will-Harris, a computer graphics pioneer. The watch “speaks to you visually.”

Till explores the connection between then and now–so it’s not just 10:50, it’s “Ten Till Ten.” It’s not merely 12:30, it’s “Half past Twelve.” So the Till watch tells you the time the way you’d tell it to a friend or colleague. Only the Till watch “speaks” using words and not a sound can be heard!

The 40-millimeter stainless steel watch comes in a brushed case or black IP with a silicone strap.

So don’t just read the time, tell it.

Retail: $125

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