Item of the Day: Bare

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BareItem of the Day: Bare

When Jessica Biel, actress and wife of Justin Timberland, heads to the set of “Shiva and May” a new indie-thriller flick, don’t expect to see her carrying along some high brow, Euorpean luxury brand brands.

She’s most likely carrying a tote made from upcycled burlap coffee bean bags. “It’s my set bag… It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work,” the 31-year-old trendsetter says.

It is the bags by Bare, that Biel has good reason to tout: she along with her brother Justin Biel and friend Grason Ratowsky recently launched the “socially responsible” brand.

The idea for Bare came via Ratowsky’s father, an artist, who returned from Costa Rica with a giant java coffee bag. Right now they are using the upcycled burlap coffee bags but eventually other recycled materials such as gain sacks from breweries or old sailboat sails may be used.

A favorite from Bare is the Salentos tote, which reverses from the burlap print side into a heavy charcoal wax canvas solid on the other. The bags are made in Colorado, Biel’s home state.

Notes Biel and her partners, “The Salento’s expansive carrying capacity is perfect for local farmers markets, city shopping or storing foreign treasures.”

Or carrying CDs from your favorite male pop vocalist?

Retail: $180