Item of the Day: Miansai

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MiansaiItem of the Day: Miansai

Fashionistas like us are often tempted to get the latest accessories by hook or by crook—that’s how much we wanted them.

Actual hooks have been made more fashionable at Miansai, a five-year-old accessories house whose creative director Michael Saiger bases his aesthetics on “the nexus of vintage American style, traditional craftsmanship, and old New England.” That often includes nautical related-symbols and motifs such as hooks, anchors, rope, etc.

Saiger has us hooked on his hook motifs, most of which have been reimaged into contemporary jewelry and accessories…like this sterling silver hook ring, handcrafted in the USA at Miansai’s Miami headquarters. It’s an eye-catching adding to a pinky finger, ring finger or stacked with 10K rose or yellow gold versions.

It’s a look we’re ready to swallow, well, hook, line, and sinker (OK, we couldn’t resist).

Retail: $120