Item of the Day: BirkSun

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BirkSunItem of the Day: BirkSun

Backpacks are indeed back, but we found one that functions double duty. Not only does the Atlas cotton/poly backpack from BirkSun (a division of Dorfman Pacific) easily hold a 17-inch laptop or tablet computer, it also can recharge them (and your mobile phone, too).

Thanks to it’s the 60-watt solar panel on the flap, the Atlas can provide a 25% boost on most smartphones with only one hour of sunlight. The solar panel fully charges by the sun in 6 hours (or 4 hours by wall outlet). A charge meter illuminates when the battery is accepting energy and displays its capacity.

And should your sunny days turn cloudy, the Atlas has its own USB cord that allows for wall charges.

So you can take off to the beach, go hiking or biking over a long haul and still keep your omnipresent mobile devices charged. Atlas has got your back.

Retail: $160


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