Item of the Day: Vim & Vigr

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Vim & VigrItem of the Day: Vim & Vigr

Fashion and function is something we all are hoping to achieve, whether in our personal wardrobes or in new product introductions.

That is an especially important concept for Vim & Vigr, a collection of compression socks for women. All styles use an advanced Gradient Pressure knitting technology that energizes legs by increasing the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood. Thus helping to prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins, inhibit swelling and alleviate leg soreness and heaviness.

Vim & Vigr has done more than just another line of compression socks, they are fashionable—can you believe it?—too.

“This new collection continues to allow women to express their personality and have fun with socks that also improve their overall health and leg energy throughout the day,” said Michelle Huie, founder/president of Vim & Vigr. “These fashionable compression socks are perfect for long days at the office, traveling or recovering from a workout.”

New styles feature designs including polka dots and stripe patterns, incorporating natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, that make the socks comfortable for all-day, every day wear. With a flexible toe pocket, fitted heel and contoured leg, the compression socks support bloom circulation and still manage to look fun and fashionable.

Vim & VigrAll of Vim & Vigr products are listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), too.

Indeed, now you can stand up—for hours if need be—without worrying about any nasty repercussions to your legs.

Retails: $29.95 to $34.95