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Skooba DesignItem of the Day: Skooba Design

Planning your Spring Break, Memorial Day or summer vacation? Just in time to give add another worry to your travel anxiety comes the news that airlines now will be enforcing more stringently carry-on bag restrictions.

United Airlines is one of the first to focus on carry-on compliance which the airline says will help all passengers, many of whom complain boarding delays and abuses of available space by other passengers.

“It is indeed a problem and it’s right to apply the rules uniformly,” says Skooba Design CEO Michael Hess. “But travelers are already feeling beaten up by fees, and now have to worry about the possibility that they could be dinged again if their carry-on bags are an inch too big.”

To void added fees, Hess advises to use bags specifically optimized to the restrictions and configured to hold as much as possible within those limits.

Case in point from Skooba, the new Weekender V.3, a “mash up” of an overnight duffel with a tech gear bag. The Weekender carries clothing, shoes and toiletries in its main compartment, which is efficiently surrounded on all sides by separate padded organizers for laptop, tablet, handheld devices, cables, adapters and more. The bag precisely meets the allowable size limit for “personal items”—the term used by airlines for a single business case, backpack or handbag allowed aboard with the primary suitcase – so travelers can use and optimize every inch of the space allotted to them in the overhead and under seat areas.

The Weekender’s all-in-one design eliminates the need to carry a second carry-on for leisure travel, or other situations where a separate business case isn’t needed. It boasts skooba2over a dozen pockets and organizers: a laptop up to 15″ stores in its own fast-access rear pocket, protected by Skooba’s exclusive “Bumper Bar” padding, while the front accessory section features padded storage for portable devices and accessories.

Made of tough but lightweight micro-ballistic nylon that’s water-repellant treated and massively reinforced at all stress points, the Weekender is built to “fly the friendly skies.”

Now that there’s a solution to the carry-on worries, when can we drink the water aboard a flight? (As we learned this week).

Retail: $179.95




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