Item of the Day: StarBelt

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StarBeltItem of the Day: StarBelt

You’d think a seat belt would more in line for WeatherTech, a brand of auto accessories. However, WeatherTech’s latest introduction is actually an accessory for everyday use from playing sports, matching team/corporate colors or for ease of travel.

It’s call StarBelt, made of environmentally friendly plastic in 14 colors sans any metal parts. So in addition to the 14 colors StarBelt is available in the belts “won’t hold you up in line at the airport.”

“Made in the USA of durable and waterproof material, StarBelt won’t fray, curl, curve or wear out at the buckle and is the ultimate belt for any sport–including running through the airport since its metal-free design won’t set off metal detectors,” says Kim Ruzycki, brand manager for the company. “StarBelt is also sport friendly, it is not affected by sweat, heat or the cold. StarBelt is easily washable with soap and water.”

StarBelt can be trimmed to fit any waist size up to 48 inches, too. Versatile indeed, but we’re imagining the minutes saved in those TSA lines at the airport…

Retail: $24.95

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