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Insiders1Item of the Day: Insiders1

Bridge and Tunnel has been given a whole new meaning! Brooklyn designer Sigal de Mayo and her husband Fabio Otalora have taken it upon themselves to showcase the beauty that is their great outer borough with handbags and accessories line Insiders1.

While Brooklyn lately seems to be synonymous with tight-fitting skinny jeans and handlebar mustaches, Insiders1 prefers to focus on the iconic landmarks that made the borough famous in the first place.

Pictures of Brooklyn landmarks, like the image of a still-active loading dock of the Brooklyn waterfront, found here on the Insiders View Large Tote, are taken by de Mayo. She then Photoshops them and Otalora oversees the hand-printing of the images onto fine leather, which is sewn onto their goods. This gives their bags and wallets the authentic New York stamp only found here, as everything is designed in Brooklyn and made at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

The dynamic duo has also brought their Brooklyn flavor to other cities around the world including Rome, Berlin and

Paris, adding an urban touch and their New York spirit to de Mayo’s images featuring the Eiffel Tower and The Coliseum.

Get an insider’s look at the where so many of us call home.

Retail: $350


–Whitley Nnatubeugo


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