Item of the Day: The Barktorialist

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The BarktorialistNot all sweethearts have only two legs.

In its Valentine’s Day survey of U.S. shoppers spending intentions, the National Retail Federation reported today that 19.4% of Americans also buy gifts for their pets for Valentine’s.

Which is why you need some Valentine’s gifts that are suitable for furry friends. That was the idea behind a limited edition collection of charms launched this month at The Barktorialist, which sells products “for the world’s most stylish pets and their owners.” The 14K gold-tone and silver charms are actually designed for dogs, cats and humans. Each easily hook onto a collar…or a charm bracelet, necklace etc.

The messages on these charms, however, deal directly with animals. Each has an engraved message or mantra aimed at overcoming some behavioral issue…such as barking at the postman, eating trash or worse (“I will not…be so aggressive,” “I will calm the f*** down.”)

“We’re all a bit flawed, so why not embrace your flaws with these loud and proud charms,” the company says.

Then there are adjectives that could apply to the pet or owner: “Royal,” “Ruler,” “Rescued,” or “Bitch.”

The gift cards accompanying the charms reiterate the need for some behavior modifications along with a gentle, loving edge: “I love you but we both know it’s time to stop. Say it with me.”

Retail: $40

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