Hukkster Notifies Online Shoppers When Items They Love Go On Sale

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New York—You already “like” and “pin,” but get ready to “hukk.”

Why? Because “hukking” saves you time and money. And you’ll never miss a sale again.

Everyone loves a bargain, but fielding scores of sales alerts and daily deals in your in-box can be cumbersome, not to mention often irrelevant. Do you really care about Macy’s cookware blowout when you’re scrambling for satin shoes for Saturday’s black-tie wedding? Exactly.

Enter Hukkster: a savvy new concept in the online fashion tech space that flips traditional retail promotions around with just a button on the computer toolbar.

Pull Vs. Push

Here, instead of an online retailer “pushing” out its selected deals, consumers choose what they want and “pull” an alert from retailers when that exact item goes on sale to their requested amount (either “on sale,” “drops at least 25%” or “drops at least 50%”). When the item hits the requested discount, Hukkster sends out a targeted alert via text or email. The idea is that consumers won’t delete these sales alerts from their in-boxes as they’re answering a request for a specific desired item.

Hukkster co-founders Erica Bell (left) and Katie Finnegan.

Hukkster, which is still in beta, officially launches this fall. The site was founded by 20somethings Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, two fashion-loving Millennials (and former merchandisers at J.Crew and management consultants at A.T. Kearney) who sought a more efficient way to manage the influx of sales info coming into their computers and phones.


It’s win-win for everyone, not to mention free for both sides of the retail exchange. Retailers are not engaging directly with consumers–yet–but rather auto-notifying a very targeted and interested group to specific nationwide sales. “We do foresee the opportunity down the road for retailers to engage with our user base and send targeted offers based on the specific products users have hukk’d,” says Bell.

And for consumers, particularly Millennials who just can’t resist broadcasting their desires to their friends, Hukkster will still have a sharing component—albeit one with a purpose.

“With so many opportunities to share, curate and discover, consumers are starting to get social fatigue,” says Bell. “But Hukkster is a utility that can save you money.”

Not to mention those in your social media circle. “By letting friends know what you’re watching, they can opt-in for notifications of when items on your wish list go on sale.”

Definitely a good tool for (money-conscious) boyfriends and husbands.

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