HUE Opens First of 500 Stores in China

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One of HUE's first stores in Dong Men MOI Shopping Mall in Shenzhen, China

One of HUE’s first stores in Dong Men MOI Shopping Mall in Shenzhen, China

Shanghai—HUE, the hosiery brand that bills itself as the No. 1 women’s legwear and intimates brand in U.S. department stores, is now looking to expand into even bigger markets.

The company recently opened its first two stores in Mainland China at the Cloud 9 Shopping Mall in Shanghai and the Dong Men MOI Shopping Mall in Shenzhen.

Partnering with local retailer E-Land Group, HUE proposes “a plan for swift and steady expansion across China,” hitting goal of 50 doors the first year—and 500 by is fifth.

Founded in 1978 by two artists in New York City, HUE has since grown to specialize in a wide array of hosiery. HUE has also expanded internationally, and is now available in markets beyond the United States and China, including Europe, Australia, Mexico and Canada. The brand is committed to expanding into other markets in the near future.

The first Shanghai store is located on the first floor at Cloud 9, covering an area of more than 700 square feet. The store is equipped with a colored LED entranceway and mood lighting throughout the retail area. HUE’s playful brand aesthetic is reflected in the design through the juxtaposition of monochrome and bright pops of color.

About E-land China

In 1994, the Group first entered China by opening a branch office in China. In 1997, the first department store concession opened in Shanghai. Since then, the Group continued to expand its operations in China now commanding 1,084 concessions located in 428 department stores in 119 cities and 29 provinces in China as of 31 December 2007. The brands launched in China include E-Land, Scofield, Teenie Weenie, Roem, Prich, Scat and Teresia.




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