How to Wear Snakeskin

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Reality check: snakeskin is really just the old, dead skin of said animal. Despite most people’s aversion to the fabled, mythical creature that dared Eve, snakeskin was first popularized in fashion on runways in the 70s, adorning cowboy boots. Since then, the trend has made its way into the fashion-forward crowd, always one-upping the previous incarnation.

Luckily, snakeskin prints are often merely imprinted into leather, rather than actually being the snake’s skin itself. Though, for us, staying vegan in your fashion is always a good, eco-friendly option. This year, as snakeskin moves from a shoe print to an all over look, here’s how you can master the style without killing sacrificing a commitment to animal rights.


Reptiles of a Scale

Snakeskin prints come in a variety of styles and silhouettes, but it isn’t every day that you get to choose the same pattern in a different style cut. Go for a more flirty look in a ruffled snakeskin print or keep things svelte in a tighter, cohesive fit. Either way, this is a snakeskin piece no one will be able to overlook.

Python Maxi Dress, Tuttitrendy

Python V-Neck Dress, Tuttitrendy


Deadly Duplication

If you’re one for true reptile replication, the printed texture detail on this reptile print frock is a near spot-on duplicate of real snakeskin. Complete the look easily with a pair of heels or cinch the dress at the waist with a thin belt to define your silhouette.

Snake Print Dress, Prinzzesa


Mind Games

Casual and cool, these snake print pants epitomize the creature after which they’re modeled. Wear them to lounge, to work or to play by varying your top and your accessories. Simply add heels to make the pants work appropriate, grab flats for brunch and toss on a pair of Converse for Sunday lounging.

Snake Print Pants, a bientot


Subdued Slither

Into a simplier style? Not to worry. If button downs are your go-to or if your workplace dress code is traditional, you can still test out the snakeskin trend waters in a subtle oxford style blouse. With a neutral hue, this blouse keeps its traditional silhouette and toned down color while playing up a snake print. Still not conservative enough? Pair it with a blazer and let the snakeskin print only peak out at the cuff and neckline.

Snake Print Blouse, a bientot


Bringing it Home

Think this list isn’t over-the-top enough for the fashion-forward and expertimental gal in you? Alright — then give this snake print cropped top a go! Cropped tops are mainstays this spring season (and they have us consistently in the gym, ugh). Mix two up-and-coming trends by pairing a snake print with a cropped top for a fashionable outing of your choice. Here, we paired the cropped top with spring’s slouchy pant and mixed in some black to the brown foundation. It’s just on trend. Can you handle it?

Python Snakeskin Top, Patricia Del Castillo


Ace Your Accessories

Of course, if a full snakeskin look is still out of your comfort zone, you can always try the print out within your accessories. Use this wallet in a larger tote for shopping days and transition it to a clutch for nights out.

Python Wallet, a bientot

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