Hosiery Gets a New “Identity”

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Initial Reaction: Magid's new initial hosiery brand, Identity

Initial Reaction: Magid’s new initial hosiery brand, Identity

New York—For years consumers clamored for status handbags and accessories with some designer’s initial on them, not their own. Maybe it’s our quest to stand out from the Facebook/Twitter crowd, but now consumers are looking for something with their own initials or monogram on them.

Whether they’re monogram pendants, engraved initial belt buckles even leathergoods emblazoned with initials, customized accessories are in vogue.

Taking the notion of initials a step further is a new hosiery brand from Magid, which recently expanded into a full range of hosiery, leggings and slippers. The collection is called suitable enough “Identity,”  and as the name implies the collection consists of colorful, fashion socks and legwear emblazoned with initials.

“Why wear someone else’s initials you can wear your own for the same price—or lower?” asks Mitch Berlin, director of Magid’s hosiery division. While the initial focus has been on the tween and teen markets with animal patterns, soccer socks, knee highs etc, some styles feature a single standout initial, others use alphabet letters arranged subtle patterns.

Rather than stocking an assortment of all 26 letters of the alphabet, Magid assembles a basic assortment featuring the top most requested initials with other less popular letters available for special requests or fill-ins. Suggested retails about $10 to $20.




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