Heels.com Introduces Visual Search—a First

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heelsCharlotte, NC—Ever seen a pair of heels and wondered, “Where do I get those?” or bought a dress and said “What shoes do I wear with this color/pattern?” Heels.com is introducing VISUAL SEARCH from Heels.com! This is what you do:

1. Snap a photo of a look you love or snag a pic from social media

2. Save the image or copy the image URL

3. Go to http://www.heels.com/visual-search

4. “BROWSE” to upload the image file OR paste the image URL in the required field

5. Click “MATCH” and get connected with the best match to your coveted shoe style!

Heels.com is equipping mobile and Web-based users with a new visual search functionality that will produce exact or similar product offerings for uploaded sample images and will combat the e-commerce woe of discouraged or abandoned search.

“People often struggle to find the words to describe the exact product they want. It’s so much easier to visualize as verbal descriptions can be very subjective,” said Eric McCoy, founder/chief executive, Heels.com. “A customer may say they want a ‘hot pink’ shoe, but the exact shade they have in mind could be very different than another person’s interpretation of ‘hot pink’.

“By using visual search, users are able to save time browsing and discovering products they love. We can instantly present our customers with products that meet the visual criteria.”



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