HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ Captures the ’70s in Sleazy Style

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Like your ’70s style with a side of sleaze? Be sure to check out “The Deuce”—HBO’s new series premiering September 10.

Set in Times Square in 1971, the series is a throwback to the much grittier NYC days (and nights) of yore. Those who yearn for the so-called good ol’ days of Times Square might just realize how revisionist their longings have been. Walk down 42nd Street today and it’s almost inconceivable to imagine its sordid past, but the ghosts are all there lurking beneath. “The Deuce” is about that period’s XXX trade, from porn movies to peep shows to street walkers, and how it went from back-room sleaze to a seemingly zillion dollar industry. Porn Pioneers, if you will.


Director Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad) resurrects the bygone era of Taxi Driver and Serpico but doesn’t make the sex trade subject matter salacious. It’s a cold look at a burgeoning industry, not to mention gold chains, leisure suits, halter tops…and a fantastic ’70s soundtrack.

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