haute holiday dressing Part 3: Gold Shoes

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Gold is the latest “it” color of the season and with the recovering recession; people would want to show their need to return to the glamorous life. For us Americans, it means excess, excess, and excess! Gold stands for “luxury” so stare in the face of poverty and darn some gold this season. All gold accessories are in style but we have to focus on the hardest accessory to find: shoes!!!

Gold shoes can float three ways: modern, overly sexy or special occasion. What you should be looking for this season is special occasion or modern. Modern should be something close to your own style while special occasion should be party wear only. So if you are looking for modern shoes then:

  • Casual wearers should wear gold sneakers.
  • Classic wearers try gold pumps.
  • Punk wearers try to get shoes with gold accents but not full on gold. Opt for gold studs instead rockers.
  • Romance or Vintage wearers should opt for ballet flats.
  • Glams go for glitter accented heels.

We really don’t have as much time to focus on style since this is a get it for less post so let’s focus on special occasion gold shoes.

Frisco flat Vince Camutoon sale at shoptheshoebox.com

Frisco flat Vince Camuto
on sale at shoptheshoebox.com

This flat is on sale from 98 dollars to 49 dollars. The shoe is perfect for vintage and romance dressers. The crystal and sequin accents make it a holiday staple but the shape says casual.

Love potion rose gold heels - 4$42 - threadsence.com

Love potion rose gold heels – 4
$42 – threadsence.com

These gold heels are so classic style. It has a mirror finish and a very sexy heel.  The price is 42 dollars at threadsence.com and is worth a purchase.

Platform dress sandals from Kohls.com

Platform dress sandals from Kohls.com

These shoes are so glamorous with glitter accents that we are surprised that the price dropped from 70 dollars to 40 dollars. This shoe is just for right for glam wearers for the holiday season.

Frieda flats for 37 dollars at shopruche.com

Frieda flats for 37 dollars at shopruche.com

These shoes are great for punks with the gold tips but without the over-the-top feeling totally gold shoes will make you feel. Studs around the ankle makes it rocker as well as the pointy style adding a dressy statement. An added plus is that it can also be worn casual.

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