Handbag Awards: We Have Come So Far

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Carlos Falchi

First Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards

As per my publicist’s insistence, I am going to really get into our blog. It’s tough for me considering how much one juggles on a day-to-day basis. But in looking back to how far we have come, I think it might be worth writing about.

When I came up for the idea for the Handbag Awards, I thought it would be great to have an event that focuses solely on the most profitable segment of the market and also the most saturated. I had already had my own handbag line for 7 years, worked 10 years in media and worked my way through business school developing everything else that I felt that I was respected enough in the industry to build this out.

At the time, we had 350 applicants which I thought was incredible, 500 people in attendance including the top buyers and editors, got incredible press and oh by the way, I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. We discovered some great talent like Julie Lazarus of Elezar and Katherine Kwei as well as developed a long-standing relationship with my own fairy godfather, Carlos Falchi. Looking back, I can see that what I made was worth all the labor since we have discovered so much talent since then.

To seven more year and beyond. #Handbag Awards and apply now


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