Half of Women Shoppers OK with Retail Tracking—for a Price

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SWIRL RETAIL TRACKING STUDYBoston—Although with the digital ads comes concerns about hacking to invasions by privacy by companies looking to track consumer shopping habits, the truth is about half of women shoppers would share personal information with retailers if they receive value in return.

According to an independent study commissioned by Swirl, 50% of women shoppers would be willing to share their mobile phone’s location and other personal information with a retailer in a return for n in-store credit, gift, flash sale or early access to new styles.

The issue of tracking shoppers via their WiFi signals on their smartphones has been somewhat of a push button topic of late.

“Consumers aren’t completely opposed to sharing their location information–it’s commonly done with social, weather and traffic apps–but they do want to have control over that information and get a tangible benefit in return for sharing it,” says Hilmi Ozguc, Swirl’s chief executive. “The same rules apply in retail: if brands create value—like highly relevant, personalized offers and content—for in-store shoppers by using their location, then consumers would be much more willing to share that information.”

Moreover, they are willing to share their mobile locations for relative modest perks. About 47% would share their mobile location for a mere $5.Women are almost twice as likely to value a personalized offer delivered to their smartphone while shopping in a store (58%), than being reminded of an in-store sale by a sales associate (33%) or making a purchase from an online flash sale site (31%).

About the Study

Swirl commissioned independent research firm ResearchNow to study the apparel shopping behaviors and preferences of 1,000 smartphone-owning women shoppers from March 25 to 26. The margin of error was +/- 3 percent. www.swirl.com






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