Hair Coverings at Fashion Month FW18: A New Modesty?

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Marine Serre FW18. FirstView

There were a lot of things to see at Fashion Month in New York, London, Milan and Paris. But in many cases there was one thing very absent from view: hair.

Whether catering to a Muslim customer and her need for hair-concealing modesty, or drawing inspiration from Olympic athletes with ski face masks, or maybe just looking for new ways to style scarves, designers’ covered looks swept across Fashion Month’s four cities. The shift also signaled some new ideas for the scarf/headwear industry moving forward. A look.

Versace FW18. FirstView

In Milan, Versace styled its scarves wrapped around heads either alone or tucked under berets.

Vivienne Westwood FW18. FirstView

In Paris, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood produced a unisex show that covered up men and women alike.

Valentino FW18. FirstView

In Paris, Valentino went for Babuschka chic with scarves coordinating with coats.

Balenciaga. FirstView

In Paris, Balenciaga layered on the covered scarf look.

Emilio Pucci FW18. FirstView

In Milan, Emilio Pucci showed off its dramatic quilted hats and puffy scarves by tucking all hair in.

Versace FW18. FirstView

Versace matched its head scarves with ready-to-wear for a fully scarf-wrapped look.

Gucci FW18. FirstView

In Milan, Gucci added a bit of sweater knit to the front of these scarves for a tighter fit.

Gucci FW18. FirstView

As usual, Gucci took the theme to the extreme, but the pairing of crystal jewelry on the outside of scarves is a technique worth noting.

Saint Laurent FW18. FirstView

In Paris, Saint Laurent paired scarf-wrapped caps with long mink earrings for an edgy look.


Was it Olympic fever that inspired designers to use ski face-mask like knits in their collections?

Calvin Klein FW18. FirstView

In New York, Calvin Klein adorned both its female and male models with colorful knit snoods that concealed almost all but eyes, nose and mouth.

Preen FW18. FirstView

In London, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi paired the fleece drawstring snood with a sheer dress with sporty sleeves.

Lanvin FW18 FirstView

In Paris, Lanvin paired sharp leather jackets with tight-knit snoods in tonal hues.

Gucci FW18. FirstView

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