Get 90s Nostalgia with VH1’s New Show “Hindsight”

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hindsight VH1

Los Angeles–Are you yearning for scrunchies, leather chokers and smoking in bars? With the 90s a key era for teen fashion influence these days, make sure to check out “Hindsight,” which premiered last week on VH1.

This new scripted series sends Becca, on the day of her second wedding, back in time to 1995 to answer the question: If you could do it all over again, what choices would you make to correct the past?

For us Gen X viewers, it’s all good fashion fun with lots of vintage pop culture references like comments on “Sixteen Candles” and “Say Anything.” Becca wakes up to Ace of Base on the radio, VHS tapes and a Discman on her dresser and knee socks and clogs (“Clogs! The world’s most comfortable shoes”) in her closet.

She looks up her former best friend, and sets out to rock her world with some spoilers on the future, like AOL is no longer cool, Patrick Demsey got really hot and (gasp!) Monica and Chandler get together. And the first thing she does when she leaves her groom at the alter? Runs off to a bar to smoke!

Tune in on Wednesdays for more 90s fashion, music and nostalgia.

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