Gemvara Signs on Celeb Stylist Annabel Tollman

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Celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman

Boston–Ever watch the glam procession down the red carpet and think: “Well, if I had a celebrity stylist, I could look like that too!” (Ok, maybe with a celebrity trainer, celebrity cosmetician, celebrity hairstylist, celebrity makeup artist and celebrity banker boyfriend… but a celebrity fashion stylist is definitely a big chunk of the battle!)

Lucky for us mere mortals, Gemvara, an e-tailer of customizable fine jewelry, is bringing the style savvy of celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman (who dresses goddesses like Scarlett Johansson, the Olsen twins, Liv Tyler and others) to our computers. Tollman will serve as Gemvara’s ambassador and media spokesperson for the holiday and award show seasons.

Through Gemvara’s website and social media channels,  Tollman will offer her styling insight on the latest trends, must-have gifts and celebrity looks through the month of February.

Annabel will offer Gemvara customers her fashion expertise and top picks to help them customize their own one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Gemvara will also highlight Tollman’s own designs.

“I am so specific about the length of a sweater or a skirt—and it’s refreshing to find the same thing where you can totally customize the color of a metal, length of the chain or color of the stone and give yourself a piece you really want to wear. It’s a bespoke experience,” said Tollman.

Gemvara is certainly for those who want things as they want it. The site offers users access to 29 different gemstones, 9 precious metals, and thousands of styles to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture moments, memories, and emotions.

“We are very excited to have Annabel join the Gemvara team,” says Matt Lauzon, founder of Gemvara. “As we continue our commitment to evolve and create the best possible shopping experience, we felt it was important to provide our customers with an expert guide featuring the latest in fashion and fine jewelry. Annabel’s knowledge, classic aesthetic, energy and credibility align perfectly with our vision.”


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