Fruitz Watches Help Wearers Relax

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Miami–Watch company Philip Stein has made a name for itself with luxury watches claiming healing, calming and stress-reducing benefits. Now the company has branched out from its luxury watches with a more accessibly priced line called Fruitz, offering the same calming benefits.

Via a proprietary microchip, the watches utilize natural frequency technology, which works with the individual biorhythms and energy field of each wearer. This achieves better sleep, less stress, less anxiety and more vivid dreams for an overall sense of well-being. “People do tend to be skeptical, so were we, but we just completed a series of clinical placebo, double-blind studies with amazing results,” said founder Will Stein, who discovered the technology in Austria and had it developed into a line of watches and says they helped his chronic headaches go away.

The new line is called Fruitz because fruit also offers healing benefits with vitamins. The Fruitz line comes with 24 different colored dials and coordinating silicone rubber straps or metal stretch bracelets, and each dial resembles the cross section of a fruit. Retail is $225, although a new, 43mm multifunction movement introduced in Basel retails for $295. The company is the only one in the world to use such technology.

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