Fringe details: spring 2013 jewelry trend

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With the love of the 1920′s and deco styles roaring back in next year, we knew it was just a matter of time that fringe will come back as well. Fringe has an history of looking western (which is also in style this year), however with metallic features, ultra thin stripes and bright colors, it somehow feels new. Next seasons fringe has an almost futuristic feel meets high-end statement (gemstone additions had glam while buttons add whimsy a la Versace). So how does fringe make its way to every wardrobe other than classic dressers next season? Never fear, we are here to help!!!

Jewelry trends can be adopted to every style

Jewelry trends can be adopted to every style


Fringe jewelry’s in its most simplest form is right for you. Think metal accents only, thick chain with thin fringe detail. To glam it up pick one up with rhinestone details in chunks but stay away from rhinestone chain which will be two glamorous for your taste.


Opt for fabric fringe details instead since it has a more relaxed fit instead of the heaviness of chain. T-shirt fringe scarves are a nice way to mix fringe into your wardrobe as well. Try suede or t-shirt chain necklaces.


We featured the necklace from Versace in the image above for punk but you can look for colored chain fringe with charms or other form added whimsy. Dual colored chain can also be a simple way to add fringe to your wardrobe.


Studs and fringe have always been friends and chances are you already have several combinations in your jewelry box.


Opt for large rhinestone ends with fringe in between for a art deco play on the fringe trend.


Look for flower motifs, pearl combinations and thin chain combos to stay true to your style while being on trend. we used a bracelet from Chanel (above) as an example.


Adding rhinestone chain to fringe is the ultimate wow factor.

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