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Just as the optimistic holiday shopping season is amping up, CFI has released the results of a study done by Radial involving over 500 retail shoppers. What their participants had to say may sound surprising.

The shoppers’ top motivation for placing larger online sales was not participating in the most cutting edge social media campaign or receiving free gift with purchases. At a whopping 91%, respondents said they would be willing to increase the size of their online order to qualify for free shipping. In other words, almost all participants of the study said they would add on items if it meant meeting the minimum order amount for complimentary shipping.

“Finding that the overwhelming majority of shoppers are willing to increase the size of their online orders to get free shipping may be surprising to many retailers,” CFI Group CEO Sheri Petras said. “It shows that consumers are more interested in finding value rather than simply pinching pennies.”

Other results show that consumers are still somewhat concerned with money, saying that waiting 5-10 days for an order to arrive is acceptable if it keeps shipping costs down. Additionally, when respondents were asked how likely they are to post retailer feedback on social media, 77% said they were willing to share their experience and that they also expect a direct response from the retailer.

—Christine Galasso