Four Questions For Bandolier Founder Maggie Drake

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Bandolier Angela Star Denim cross-body case

The most ubiquitous accessory today is unquestionably our cell phones, which are (quite literally) attached to us at all times. As models grew larger and larger, tech accessories brand Bandolier innovated a strapped case design that allows consumers to wear their iPhones like a cross-body bag. In recent seasons, cell phone pouches, wallets and innovative case accessories (looking at you, PopSocket) have skyrocketed into the limelight. We caught up with Bandolier co-founder Maggie Drake to find out how the brand stays relevant, upgrade after upgrade.

Bandolier was one of the first to innovate the case-as-accessory trend. How does the assortment continue to stand out from the competition?
As the original luxury cross-body iPhone case, we always make sure luxury and style are key elements in our design. These, coupled with the utility of Bandolier, has been the driving force of our customer’s obsession. Our loyal customers are smart, chic and fashion-forward, so we stay updated with the trends to meet their needs. In addition to our core styles for the everyday accessory, I love to take risks with bold and edgy styles so our customers can be a little more adventurous with Bandolier.

Apple is constantly rolling out new models. Is this good for the brand?
Although the logistics of updating designs have been challenging, these changes have allowed us to improve Bandolier’s quality and design with each iPhone model. We have come a long way since our iPhone 4 version and we are very excited to launch our iPhone X Bandolier in early November. We love Bandolier upgrades!

Do you have plans to expand into other handbag/tech offerings?
Absolutely. Expansion is a big part of our 2018 plan. We will be launching a line of belt bags and we have some other very exciting things in the works for the brand!

What are you most excited about in the new collection?
My favorite style from our fall line is the Angela Denim. There is nothing out there like it and it really complements any outfit. It’s the must-have accessory for fall. I’m also really excited about our Emma Velvet style for Holiday. The velvet is embossed with a crocodile design which adds that luxury element to the simple Emma style. It’s perfect for holiday parties and gatherings.