Flip Flops and Driving: A Dangerous Combination?

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noflipflopsPlymouth, England—While flip flops have become something of de rigueur footwear during the warm summers months, their casual, easy going nature may belie something more sinister.

According to a survey of 1,055 motorists conducted by Sheilas’ Wheels, a British auto insurer, one in three drivers admit to wearing flip flops while driving. Noting that 1.4 million auto accidents or close calls annually are blamed on them, the survey found 27% of drivers admitted driving in flip flops had caused a mishap, and 11% said the shoe had got stuck under pedals.

In fact, 19% of women said that they have even worn shoes behind the wheel that they have struggled to walk in. Research found that for women flip flops are even more dangerous to drive in than high heels since they make it more difficult to brake effectively.

About 14% have chosen not to drive due to concerns what shoes with 36% of safety-conscious women carrying a pair of driving shoes in the car. Only 12% of men change to driving shoes in their cars.

According to the survey, the worst driving shoes—in order of danger—are flip flops (51%), bare footed (49%), wedge heels (38%), espadrilles (25%) and sandals (18%).


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