FJATA Compliance Initiative to Establish Industry-Wide CSR Standard

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csrnecklaceKingstown, RI—The Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association (FJATA) is in the throes of finalizing its 2015 Annual Conference (April 15-16) at Foxwoods in Connecticut, but the trade association has been busy working on another crucial project: a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative that will benefit the entire fashion jewelry industry.

fjata-best-200Working with its partner Sumerra, a compliance consultant, FJATA is developing a universal audit tool.

According to FJATA, “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) factory audits are a regular occurrence that, if you manage a manufacturing company, you likely know all too well. Audit fatigue, the result of too many factory audits in too short of a period of time, can slow production and cost you in time and money.”

Eliminate Audit Fatigue

The initiative will create a comprehensive, transferable factory audit that will virtually eliminate audit fatigue by generating one audit that will be good for the entire year. The standards will be an extension of the CoC, and the audit will be based on those standards. They will work together to inform and incentivize adherence to the CoC, and will add legitimacy to the program. It will give auditors a standard tool to use in assessing social compliance, and thus eliminate duplicative audits. It also will increase productivity by allowing the real work to go full steam ahead.

Sumerra has the expertise to develop these standards, having already developed standards for various Fortune 500 brand leaders. These standards will be shared with all members and their suppliers, increasing education while helping suppliers comply with current standards.

The toy, apparel, and fast-moving consumer goods industries have each developed industry-specific audit methods for their product categories, all designed to streamline a necessary process, ensuring worker safety and human rights in domestic and international supplier factories, FJATA notes.


The fashion jewelry audit format is a project whose time has not only come, but is nearing completion and readiness for use in factories around the world.

For more information, please contact  to join the task force or get more information. Contact  to learn more about the audit itself and to provide feedback about audit components or considerations.

To learn more about FJATA and Sumerra’s efforts to streamline the CSR process for the jewelry industry, go to



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