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Happy New Year, Sporties! This #WorkoutWednesday I’m welcoming in 2014 with a fitness flashback to some of my favorite ways to stay in shape!
Winter is the hardest time to get motivated and keep those New Year’s resolutions. Below are some links to simple, yet effective ways to crunch calories indoors in order to stay happy and healthy this year. Get fit, Girls!

-A brisk 20 minute walk or run each day (on treadmill or outside)
-While watching your favorite TV show, pump out 50-100 crunches
Arm weights (do multiple reps lifting 5-10lbs a few times a week)
-Turn on your favorite music at night and DANCE!
Jumping Jacks! (5 sets of 20)
Leg Lifts (add ankle weights for faster results)
Pushups (reps of 10)

There’s lots more, so I’ll be posting specific workouts in the coming weeks. And, before you know it, the temps will warm up and we can get back to our outdoor springtime sweat-sesh’s! Happy New Year!!!


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