FashionTV to Launch Style-Themed Casinos

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FashionTV casinosParis-–Fashion’s always been a game of odds, no?

Following in the footsteps of themed casinos catering to sports or Playboy fans, FashionTV has signed a contract to launch a fashion-themed casino in Paris.

The glamorous casino will cater to women who love fashion (and men who love beautiful women, as the space will be crawling with models either catwalks or working in the room as dealers or waitresses).

Other fashion touches include numerous screens displaying hot fashion stars and runway trends.

Models at FashionTV casinoSlot machines will feature images of diamonds, shoes, perfumes, bags, trendy cars and other luxury products, which consumers can use to win the jackpot but with an added twist. A ‘buy instantly’ button on the machine lets the player buy the items displayed directly in the casino lobby. Additionally cards and chips as well as gaming tables will all be branded with the FashionTV diamond shape.

Cards, chips and gaming tables will also be branded with the FashionTV diamond shape.

Rooms will also be fashion themed, including the Champs-Elysees room, 7th Avenue, Bond Street, Cavalli room or the Versace VIP room. Chosen rooms will have a catwalk in the middle, allowing for fashion shows and events to add trends to the casinos. There will additionally be multiple screens of various sizes displaying the newest stars and fashion trends directly from the catwalk and behind the scenes secrets for the entertainment of guests.

About Fashion TV

As the only global 24/7 TV station focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends and style, FTV broadcasts the latest news and information to over 440 million households and 7 million public places worldwide. The community of FTV viewers is considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV, but they also enjoy LIVING IT. As a result, Fashion TV branded products, locations (F Clubs, F Bars, F Hotels etc..) and high-profile events are increasingly popular.



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